Date Time Headline Source
10-02-2015 (TV Link) TV2 News 19:00 TV2
06-01-2014 (TV) TV2 News 19:00 TV2
05-01-2014 (TV) TV2 News 19:00  TV2
05-01-2014 (TV) TV2 News channel  TV2 News
05-01-2014 22:31 The Minister og Health, urges doctors to follow the board’s ”indifferent” recommendations Politiken
05-01-2014 19:16 After suicide: The pills killed my son Politiken
05-01-2014 17:56 Association: Doctors should not prescribe antidepressants for adolescents TV2
05-01-2014 16:08 Minister: Doctors should think before they prescribe TV2
05-01-2014 14:48 After son’s suicide: Reporting doctor to the police TV2
05-01-2014 14:18 Pharmaceutical Company: No signs of increased suicides TV2
05-01-2014 12:22 After son’s suicide: It is too late for us TV2
05-01-2014 12:12 After son’s suicide: warns against happy pills for adolescents TV2
05-01-2014 11:44 Success in case about death caused by antidepressants TV2
05-01-2014 08:53 Ruling: Antidepressants might have caused death of 20 year old Politiken
05-01-2014 08:14 Ruling: Doctor error behind suicide TV2
05-01-2014 Board recognizes Danilo Terrida’s suicide as a patient damage Nordjyske
13-12-2013 Antidepressants can trigger suicidal thoughts, which is why children and adolescents should not receive them Søndagsavisen
19-08-2013 RULING: Doctor received critique – but not for prescribing antidepressants telephonically Nordjyske
30-12-2012 Critique of Practitioner after suicide Nordjyske
17-06-2012 Doctor changed medical record after complaint against him Nordjyske
12-04-2012 Nine adolescents have attempted suicide DR.P1
18-03-2012 (TV) TV2 News 19:00 TV2
18-03-2012 (TV) Nordjyske TV about Happy pills Nordjyske
18-03-2012 The ultimate side effect Nordjyske
18-03-2012 Happy Pills alarm Nordjyske