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No investigation from the Police

In the end of January 2014, the Terrida Family chose to report Danilo’s doctor to the police for malpractice of Danilo. Marianne and Denis felt necessitated to take this, to some rather drastic action, as the Board of Health assessed that the errors committed by the Danilo’s doctor were not severe enough to be reported to the police. The assessment, which built upon records in which the doctor had added and changed, the Terrida Family could not understand – because, can it get more severe than giving a treatment that can trigger a suicide? Therefore, they saw the charge to the police as a last resort to place a responsibility for the death of their son. Marianne and Denis therefore reported Danilo’s doctor for having prescribed the medicine without personal consultation, which had the consequence that Danilo committed suicide. Further, they reported him for having changed Danilo’s records with the purpose of avoiding any punishment.

Case dismissed without guilty reason
The police received the family’s charge January 23, 2014, and after more than four months, on June 3, the answers arrived. Nordsjællands Politi (Regional Danish police department) dismissed the charge, with the reason that the case was outdated. This, the family did not expect, as they already in 2012 spoke to Gentofte Politi about reporting the doctor. Here they received the message that they should await the treatment of the case by the different Health Authorities. And then – after following the instructions of the police – the case was outdated. However, the Family Terrida, had another perception, and they filed a complaint to the General Prosecutor. The Public General Prosecutor agreed with the Terrida Family, and the police was imposed to investigate the case. This was however, rather quickly done as the police, only 8 days later, on August 5, dismissed the case again. This time the reason was that the police did not assess that Danilo’s doctor was guilty in serious negligence, and therefore they saw it as most possible that he would not be convicted in a trial. Marianne and Denis wondered how the police could spend over 4 months on deciding that the case was outdated, but only spend 8 days investigating the case and draw a conclusion. How could this happen so fast?

No investigation
Apparently, the responsible police unit, Nordsjællands Politi, had not made any interrogations in the case. They never spoke to the Terrida Family – and they never spoke to Danilo’s doctor. Instead they read the ruling of the Health Authorities Disciplinary Board, and were informed by the Board of Health that they did not assess that there was reason enough to charge the doctor. This was enough investigation for Nordsjællands Politi, who repeated the decision of the Board of Health and dismissed the case. But for the Terrida Family, it was exactly the rulings from the Health Authorities Disciplinary Board and the Board of Health that made them go to the police in the first place. These rulings, which in their opinion, were both biased and built on false premises. They built on the records which Danilo’s doctor, in 6 months after Danilo’s death, had changed – and as a consequence of the changes, acquitted the doctor for having acted against the law. Therefore, Marianne and Denis are still frustrated by the fact that the police did not carry out their own investigation, and that they did not use the original, unchanged journals, and they did not speak to neither family nor friends, the doctor or independent experts. Instead, the police only repeated the mistakes which the family think that the public authorities have made.

Where is the Legal Security?
Danilo’s parents are left with a feeling that their legal security is no longer existent. As the police did not conduct any independent investigation, they are now trapped in a spiral where all the public entities, to which they approached, have been supporting each other and in that way, the family has no chance of getting the case settled based on the original records, and not the changed records, which Marianne and Denis are convinced, is the doctor’s try to cover up his own mistakes. The Terrida Family therefore complained about the lack of investigation from the police, but the case was dismissed and closed by the General Prosecutor. Left, is the Terrida Family with a ruling from the Health Authorities Disciplinary Board, which recognizes that the doctor’s treatment caused the death of their son, but all possibilities to hold the exact same doctor responsible – by economic sanctions or in custody – are now exhausted.

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