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danilo-skiIt needs no explanation that the loss of a child is the greatest sorrow that parents can ever experience. Danilo’s suicide came as a big surprise to all who knew him, and it was a huge shock for us. As a family, we were close and in daily contact with Danilo, and we did not pick up any signals leading to any suspicion about him being far-out. Therefore, we could immediately tell that everything was not as it should be. We knew our son and we know that suicide was not a part of him.

The last three years have been one long struggle to uncover the circumstances of Danilo’s suicide. We had many questions right after his death, and it is in our nature to search for answers. We never wanted anything other than the circumstances of his death to be clarified and those responsible held accountable. However, it has not happened. Instead, the doctors responsible attempted to wash clean their hands – and the Danish Healthcare Authorities have handed them the soap.

At the time of Danilo’s death, we had no knowledge of antidepressants and did not realize how dangerous medication Danilo was receiving. Had we known, we would by all means try to get him to stop the treatment immediately. Since the suicide, we have spent three years learning about the medicine’s efficacy and side effects, and now we realize how dangerous this drug really is. As Danilo’s parents, we cannot find peace before we have made all evidence and documents publicly accessible, and thereby passing on all the knowledge we have obtained about antidepressants.

Here on our website, everybody can read about the antidepressants and their side effects, the doctors’ treatment of Danilo and the Healthcare Authorities’ unwillingness to stop the abuse of the dangerous drug. It is recommended to read all the chapters in order of appearance. The only way to get an insight into the case, and follow the long and cumbersome journey that we have been through, since Danilo died. On this basis, people can make their own assessment of who was responsible for Danilo’s death.

We’ll never get our son back, but the truth needs to be uncovered.